Repairs and Forklift Service in Houston and Dallas

Provide Workers With Reliable Products

Material handling is a job best performed with agile and precision machinery. Your workers depend on supervisors and KDMs to supply them with up-to-date equipment so they can properly complete their tasks. Ensuring your lift trucks are in pristine condition not only offers the best functionality to keep your operations running more efficiently, but it also offers your employees peace of mind during use.

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Planned Maintenance

When you partner with HTX Material Handling, you don’t have to worry about product dependability. We believe it is our responsibility to perform timely planned maintenance on the equipment you’ve purchased from us. Your lift truck’s life span depends on how well it’s maintained. Routine services keep investments in the best condition. Plus, our technicians won’t get in the way of your workers.

Repair Done by Certified Technicians

At HTX Material Handling, we only employ thoroughly trained, certified technicians. Their years of experience and extensive knowledge with industrial equipment means they’re multifaceted and educated on how to correctly work on your machinery. Routine training and testing keep technicians sharp and well-informed, so forklift repair is essentially second nature to them, and they can have your equipment up and running like new in no time.

OEM Parts Supply

It’s never an opportune time to need parts for vital equipment. Whether your forklift, tugger, or aerial lift needs parts, we have them ALL. We understand that downtime is not an option, so time is of the essence. Call and tell us what you need—we stock quality parts for Linde, JLG, MasterMover, and Baoli.

Are You in Between Projects and in Need of Equipment Now?

A perfect resolution for your time-sensitive equipment needs is to rent from our expansive inventory.

New and Used Forklift Parts in Houston and Dallas

We know you only want the best equipment for your industrial needs—never compromise on reliability or value with our quality parts for ANY of your lift truck assets:

We Provide Full Service for Your Equipment

Our Total Maintenance and Repair (TM&R) contracts help you streamline your operations and keep control of your budget. You remain informed on your monthly expenditures with HTX Material Handling, and we always work to keep you satisfied. Making sure we meet each of your needs with friendly customer service and in a timely manner is in our DNA. We aim to maintain long, beneficial partnerships with all of our customers, because we help each other exceed our personal and shared business objectives.

Baoli Forklifts: An Economic Solution, HTX Material Handling, Houston

Our Equipment You’ve Purchased Is Our Responsibility

For as long as you own your equipment, it is our duty to make sure we help take care of it. Whether it’s not operating properly, or it’s due for maintenance, we have you covered.

Reliable Replacement Parts

Avoid downtime and loss of productivity by trying to look for quality parts elsewhere. Come directly to HTX Material Handling and we'll meet that requirement straight away.
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