Planned Maintenance

The Importance of Planned Maintenance

You run a high-performing business, and you don’t want to jeopardize your workers’ productivity due to unforeseen repairs. Managing a warehouse includes incorporating routine maintenance. Breakdowns of vital machinery can substantially decrease the productivity of your workforce. What’s worse, your employees are put at a greater risk of injury if machinery begins to malfunction.

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For example, a forklift leaking a little oil could seem like a small issue, until it causes a slip and fall and someone gets hurt. Initiatives such as the forklift PM program (planned maintenance) from HTX Material Handling improve workplace safety.

You and Your Equipment Come First With HTX

Our team is and always will be customer-centric. We don’t allow corporate policies to put your needs in second place. HTX is an industry-leading material handling supplier, so that means our dedication and accountability to you will remain a top priority for us. We perform repairs and maintenance of forklifts and any other lift equipment you need serviced—we are here to extend our assistance and expertise.

Services That Suit Your Needs and Schedule

With our comprehensive planned maintenance programs, we take the initiative to come to your facility and perform regularly scheduled maintenance on your equipment. There’s no need to make time to schedule service or put a halt on your employees’ productivity. HTX helps you get the most out of your machinery when you protect it with a PM service agreement. Our technicians are trained to catch issues at an early stage, bring them to your attention, and proactively take measures to prevent costly repairs.

Prevent Unnecessary Inconveniences

Planned maintenance helps in the long run by ensuring proper functionality of the equipment you already have. As opposed to waiting until it’s too late, we stay on top of what needs to be done to your equipment to keep it running smoothly for years to come.

Prepare to Be Amazed at What Your Equipment Can Do

Our award-winning industrial machinery is a force to be reckoned with. Heighten your productivity and optimize your operations when you purchase from us.

Hefty Tasks Require Durable Equipment

HTX Material Handling understands the need for high-functioning equipment for safe and efficient handling. Your industrial site is the setting for challenging, heavy-duty tasks. Day after day, your equipment works hard to meet the demands of your business. The condition and proper functionality of your equipment should always be top of mind, and we’re here to help keep it maintained according to OEM recommendations.

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